Signer's Perspective: How To Set A One-Time Password (OTP) with SMS to Sign A Requested Document?

OTP verification is a system to provide users a higher standard of security assurance than regular email verification. If you turn on receiving OTP via email or SMS in your DottedSign settings, you will be required to enter the secure password every time other people send you signing requests. This process ensures that your identity is double verified. 


Signers can enter OTP via email or SMS to sign the document on mobile devices or desktop.
(Note: SMS is a function only available for subscribers of DottedSign Pro.)


1. Go to settings 



2. You can choose to turn on “Receive OTP via SMS”, “Receive OTP via Email” or both  



3. Select your country and enter your mobile number after turning on “Receive OTP via SMS”



4. Go back to settings and see if the function is “On”


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