How to Sign PDF Documents Electronically

What to do when you receive a PDF Document that asks you to sign?

With PDF Reader, no more hassle of printing, signing, and scanning is required. You can use the free-hand drawing feature in Windows Ink to quickly sign the document.

Here's how:

Click on the 5.1.1_icon_WinInk.PNG icon to open Windows Ink tool bar like below.



Then you can start signing the document using the pen. After you finish signing, remember to save it by clicking the check on the toolbar.



Assign Multiple Signers

You can also use our latest e-signature service, DottedSign, to request multiple signatures on one document, and at the same time track progress of each signer!

Simply go the website, log in with your Kdan ID, and you can start importing documents and assigning sigature fields to others. 






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