Hide Sensitive or Private Information Before Sending to Others


Before you share a PDF, you may want to examine the document for sensitive or private information that can trace the document to you. PDF Reader provides an alternative way to hide sensitive information in PDF documents instead of using or paying for the redact tool. Here’s how:

Option 1: Black out Text Content with Highlights


If you would like to hide information or answers from your textbooks while preparing for exams, try to black out the text content with highlights:

  1. Long tap on the highlighter
  2. Change the color to “Black” with the opacity of 100%
  3. Drag over the text you wish to hide



Option 2: Hide Information with Black Boxes


If the information is not text content or can not be selected, you could try this option.

  1. Tap on the shape tool
  2. Choose “Rectangle” and fill with color in black
  3. Move the slider to adjust the opacity to 100%
  4. Add the rectangle over what you would like to hide in the PDF





(Note: This is not a redaction tool, so the hidden content can still be found while using text search. To share the document, you could take a screenshot of the page or use PDF Reader's converter to turn it into an image)


Convert the PDF to an image


If you need to prevent others from revealing the covered information, you could share it after converting the PDF page into an image file. (Or turn the image into a PDF again.

  1. Upload the edited PDF to Kdan Cloud from the PDF Reader Android app
  2. Launch the PDF Reader Mac app
  3. Download the PDF to your Mac and save it as a flattened copy



      4. Open the flattened PDF

      5. Tap the “Converter” icon on the top menu bar

      6. Select “PNG” as the output format

      7. Tap “Start” and then the output file will be stored in the “Converted” folder

(Note: Currently, PDF Reader Android version doesn't support "PDF to Image" converter yet. For users with Document 365 subscriptions, you can access the full features of the Mac app without additional payment.)




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