Sharing The Document Link From Your App To Other People

The best part of having digital access to your documents is the fact that you can share any file in a matter of seconds. No matter the stage that the document is in, when you are the creator of the signing task you can share the document whether it is “Waiting for Me”, “Waiting for Others”, or “Completed”. No need to waste time with sending mail or faxes, as the creator of the task, you can send your document off to anyone in the world with the click of a button.


Follow these steps to share your document:

  1. Start from your DottedSign App (iOS or Android) and find your document in the correct tab


  2. Click the 3 grey dots, “More”, in the corner of the document.


  3. Click Share


  4. You can Share by Email, Airdrop, Social Media, etc.


  5. Once you share, signers can log in DottedSign to access the completed document from the link you share.

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