How to Organize Your Recipes and Make a Cookbook

NoteLedge makes the best note-taking app for food lovers to organize recipes and keep your best food memories. Whether you're an amateur trying out new recipes or an experienced chef making a professional cookbook, the multimedia tools NoteLedge offers can help you create an awesome cookbook.

1. Take Notes with Pictures and Record Your Cooking Process

Write down your cooking ideas such as ingredients, directions, tips or nutrition information. Make use of bullet points and texts to list the ideas or highlight the most important steps.

Take pictures or record the cooking process. Organize all the notes, photos and videos into the cookbook.


2. Add Tips from Your Favorite Chefs or Cooking Channels

Looking for cooking inspirations? Check out your favorite cooking channels or blogs. With the built-in web clipper, NoteLedge allows you add texts, images, and videos from web pages to your notes with easy drag and drop. You can easily collect ideas from websites like All Recipes, Food Network, Tasty, BBC Good Food or your favorite cooking resources. It comes in handy when you're learning new dishes and helps you get prepared!


3. Cook & Draw 

If you are into hand-drawn cookbooks, make use of the brush tools NoteLedge offers. Sketch out your ideas and visualize your dishes before you start cooking. Our favorite inspirations for hand-drawn cookbook is They Cook and Draw. Check out those amazing works and try them out with NoteLedge!


4. Share Your Recipes

When you're done with your recipes, you can easily save the page as an image or share it via social media, instant messenger, email, or AirDrop. Tap the share button on the top right corner to find the sharing options.

Don't forgot to  add #NoteLedge or @NoteLedge to share your recipes with the NoteLedge community!

If you want to share the entire cookbook, you can also export it as a PDF. Go to the note preview page, tap the export button and export your notes as PDF.


Do you find the cookbook tips useful? Download NoteLedge and try it out! 

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