Split large PDF documents into separate, smaller files


PDF documents are popular because they are a reliable way to present and exchange documents. Sometimes you don’t need everything in the documents.You can use the built-in “Split” function to pick and choose the information you share. Here are 3 options for you to set criteria for dividing PDFs:


Split Every Page to a Separate PDF


  1. Go to the “Explore” tab
  2. Tap on “Split Pages” and select the PDF you want to split
  3. You will see 3 split methods, including splitting by number of pages, maximin files, and page ranges
  4. Choose to split the PDF by every X page(s) and enter 1 in the field (X is the customized number as you like)
  5. Then the separate single-page PDFs will be stored in the “Split & Merge” folder




Split by Picking a Range of Pages


Your PDF might have 100 pages, but you only need pages 10 to 50 and 85 to 90. In this scenario, you'd split the PDF into two separate PDFs containing the pages you chose to extract:

  1. Choose “Split Pages” from the “Explore” tab
  2. Specify the page range to extract them from the PDF (Entering page 10-20 and 51-79 as an example)
  3. PDF Reader would create 2 PDFs containing page 10-20 and 51-79
  4. The output files will be saved to the “Split & Merge” folder

(Or you can extract specific pages using the page editing tool)



Split Averagely to Multiple Files


If you are tired of separating pages in PDF, then you can try this mode to randomly  divide the PDF into several files with equal page numbers.

  1. Choose “Split Pages” from the “Office Toolset” tab
  2. Enter a number to equally divide the PDF into multiple files as you like
  3. The output files will be saved to the “Split & Merge” folder




(The tutorial is a preview, and the PDF Splitter will be available in the next update)



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