How To Create Personalized Signatures & Stamps In The Settings

Pre-fill your information, stamp, and signature into your DottedSign account so that when it is time to sign, all you need to do is drag and drop or click to add your information to the document.


In order to set up this feature, you can use the following steps:


Part 1: Set Your Pre-Filled Personal Information

  1. To change your Pre-Filled information, you will first need to go to “Settings”


  2. Then click on “My Profile” to see your personal information


  3. You can fill out your name & personal information so it will be saved in your account


  4. Create a “Stamp” from photo/camera, you can save multiple stamps


  5. Create your Signature and Initials within the signing panel


  6. Now that your information is filled out, you are ready to begin signing


Part 2: Importing the Document to Sign by Yourself Quickly with Your Pre-filled Personal Information

  1. Click “Sign Yourself” to sign a document by yourself


  2. Click the 2nd button on the side toolbar to view your Signature & Stamp


  3. Click the 3rd button on the side toolbar to view “My Profile”


  4. When you want to sign, you can just drag and drop the field (or click “add to doc”)


  5. Click "Finish" to complete signing. You can check out the signed document in "Completed" in Home


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