Does The Signer Need A DottedSign Account To Sign The Document?

Whether or not your customers have a DottedSign account, anyone can have the ability to sign the document through DottedSign without a hassle. For signers who don’t have an account, they can just use the following steps to complete their signing process.


Part 1: Signer’s perspective

  1. Receive the invitation email


  2. Click on “View & Sign”


  3. To continue, click the checkbox to agree to the terms


  4. Sign the document & complete


  5. By signing up and logging in to DottedSign you will have access to more functions, such as tracking the document progress.


  6. Go to your email inbox to receive the notification email of completion. You can download the completed document, and by logging in you can download the full audit trail.



Part 2: Sender’s perspective

If the requesting link is timed out, as the sender, you can resend the link to the signers.

  • Go to “waiting for others” > “more of a file” > “signer status” > click on “resend”



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