Add Sound Recording and Soundtrack in Animation Desk Windows


You will be lead to a sound editing interface before you export your video. The interface looks like this.

If you already have the sound clips in the device, please select “Import” to import the file. You can also start a new recording.



Combine Soundtracks

By default, each sound clip accounts for one soundtrack, but you can select and move clips to different tracks.




Cut or Trim A Sound Clip

First, select a soundtrack. Click and hold the end of a soundtrack bar to trim the sound.



Fade in/ Fade out

Select a soundtrack, and click “Fade”. Click and hold the little dot on the top edge of a soundtrack bar to add in fade-in or fade-out effect.



Save the Animation with Sound

After you are done with the editing, press “Save” to save or export the animation. Once an animation is saved, all the sound clips within the sequence will be saved too. You can edit the sound next time you enter this sequence. 



Hotkeys are extremely helpful when you need to adjust soundtracks frequently and repetitively.


Expand the Timeline

An expanded timeline lets you get a better picture of your animation sequence and decide where to insert a sound clip.

Press the “Ctrl” and “Alt” keys at the same time and scroll the mouse wheel button to expand the timeline to its widest length. 

A collapsed timeline:



An expanded timeline:Animation_Desk_Add_Sound_Recording_12.png

You can also expand the timeline bit by bit by pressing the “Ctrl” key and scrolling the mouse wheel.


Anchor on the Timeline

You might want to make sure that a sound clip is played with an exact frame. You can use “<” and “>” to slide the timeline indicator slightly backward or forward on the timeline. Once you are settled with the indicator you can import the sound clip. 


Cut or Trim the Clips

If you want to trim off a part of a sound clip that falls after the timeline indicator, please press “Alt” and “O" at the same time.


Vice and Versa, if you want to trim off a part of a sound clip that’s before the timeline indicator, please press “Alt” and “I” at the same time. 


Preview the Effect

Tap the timeline and press the Space key to preview the video. You can tap the Space key to play the animation from where the timeline indicator stops.


We hope you enjoy the new feature. Learn more about different types of sound effects and how they work in an animation in our blog, Introducing The Multi Soundtracks Function on Animation Desk Windows.


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