Setting Auto-Reminder & Document Expiration Date

In our busy lives we can often be forgetful or put things off to a later date. Which is why DottedSign has integrated features to help in both of these situations. You can set a reminder which will send the signer an additional notification days after the initial email is sent. You can also set an expiration date of the document to give the signer a designated time frame to sign.


You can use this feature by following these steps:


  1. Click "Get Signatures" to create a new task


  2. Assign signers by entering their emails. Choose the fields that you want them to fill in from the toolbar and place the fields on the document.


  3. Click “Save & Email”


  4. Send auto reminder by swiping the button. This will first remind the signer after 2 days, then send another reminder after 6 days.


  5. Set Expiration by choosing a time frame. You can choose between 7 days, 30 days, or set a custom date.


  6. Then send the document and you are all completed! All parties will receive the completed document via email and they can log in DottedSign to download the digital audit trail.


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