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Indicate the stages in a document based process (create, attach, and flatten stamps)



  • Research Cooperative

    It would be nice if the menu item "Save as flattened PDF" could show a contextual help box that explains what the purpose of making a flattened PDF is. When I look in the Help search box, it only leads me to the menu item. It gives no help to understand the function of the menu item.

    Looking at this from the other direction, if I wanted to find a way to "prevent editing" of a pdf, or a signature stamp, the help button does not provide any information related to the phrase "prevent editing".


  • Gina

    Hi Research Cooperative,


    Thanks for the suggestion. Saving a flattened copy aims at protecting the annotations from being editing, especially when you want to share some important information with others, and the "Flatten" function will apply to all annotations you added on the PDF. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at We'd be happy to assist you. :)


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