Annotations are not visible when using a third party app

If you send a PDF file with annotations made by PDF Reader to someone, the recipient can not see your edits. 

It could be the reason that he/she was using a third-party app. For example some cloud storage or email apps only embed with simple PDF viewer and might not support all the advanced features supported by PDF Reader. So these apps do not display the edits.

Copy the file to PDF Reader


Suggest the recipient to transfer the file to the advanced PDF editor app (e.g. PDF Reader or Adobe Reader). Then he/she will see all your edits and keep on working with the file.


  1. On the Android device
  2. Tap the Share button from the app (Using Dropbox as an example)
  3. Choose “Copy to PDF Reader” to transfer the file. (In some apps, it would display "Open in PDF Reader")





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