Create an Idea Board / Moodboard with Pinterest & NoteLedge

Have the urge to make a moodboard or creative visual for a project but unable to find the perfect app? Visualize and connect your ideas with NoteLedge, a digital notepad equipped with powerful multimedia tools. Pinterest is just one of the many tools that works flawlessly with NoteLedge; simply take your pinned ideas and drag and drop to get inspired. Create easy digital mockups of your Pinterest boards!


  1. Create a new note in NoteLedge. 
  2. Open Pinterest in NoteLedge's built-in web browser (Please type in if you have the Pinterest app installed on your iPad to avoid redirecting to the Pinterest app).
  3. Search your desired pictures in Pinterest.
  4. Hold, drag and drop the images from Pinterest into your note. 
  5. Organize everything.
  6. You have easily completed a visual board!



Pro Tip: You can trace the webpage and pin source by tapping the image on your canvas, then tapping the "link" button to view more information.


Want to start creating today? Download NoteLedge and try it out!

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