Set yourself up for success with remote work


Tech inventions have helped facilitate the trend of flexible working arrangements and remote working. Technology makes it easier to be sure everyone is on the same page, staying productive, and collaborating appropriately. Below are 4 tips on how to overcome the challenges of working remotely using our solutions:


Communicate with Ease


When your team members work on the same PDF document, you can comment on the PDF by adding sticky notes for a clear and effective communication:  

  1. Open the PDF and click the “Sticky Note” tool
  2. Tap on where you want to add the note
  3. Enter your comments by typing text in the pop-up note
  4. The note will be displayed as a pop-up window containing the text content



Indicate the Stages of Processes


Sometimes, using stamps to place an approval with a time and date or indicate the stages in an ongoing document-based process is useful:

  1. Click on the "Stamp" tool 
  2. Choose a stamp from our premade samples or create your own by adding text or image
  3. Place the stamp on to where you want it to be 




Sign Documents Remotely


It takes time to collect physical signatures. You could digitize the process with PDF Reader by signing contracts, agreements or invoices with your signature:

  1. Click the “Signature” tool
  2. Choose a signature from your signature library
  3. Or create a new one by typing your name, import a signature image, or signing on the trackpad(or your mouse)
  4. If you sign on a trackpad, remember to toggle the trackpad option 
  5. Resize and drag the signature to where you want it to be



Request Signatures from Multiple Singers


If you need multiple signers to sign a document, you could try our eSign service, DottedSign, to keep the singing process moving automatically without any face-to-face interaction between the parties involved:

  1. Log into DottedSign through your web browser
  2. Choose "Get Signatures" to create a signing task
  3. Upload (or drag) the document from your desktop to the web app
  4. Add designated signers to the task and choose to sign in order or sign in parallel
  5. Assign fields to each signer
  6. Send the document to the signer(s) simultaneously
  7. You can check the status of the signing task from the "Waiting for Others" tab




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