How to Export Notes to PDF

NoteLedge lets you export multimedia notes to PDF and include links to the audio and video clips. You can play the clips in the exported PDF. 

  1. Tap the sharing icon.
  2. When asked if you want to export JPEG or PDF, choose PDF.
  3. Set up file name, page orientation (landscape or portrait), and page range.
  4. When everything is set up, tap "Export" and select where you want to save or open the PDF.
  5. Done! You can view the PDF file in NoteLedge or the app you select.



* It is required to sign in with your Kdan ID to upload all the video and audio clips in your notes to Kdan Cloud. 

* This is a premium feature for NoteLedge Pro or Creativity 365 subscribers. Join to get unlimited PDF export. NoteLedge Ultimate users can access this feature for free.


Do you find the PDF export tip useful? Download NoteLedge and try it out.

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