Files can not be opened


There are several reasons that could cause this issue. Please try to check the following steps to see if you encountered this problem. 


  • The App doesn't Support the File Format

PDF Reader supports mainstream file formats (see the formats listed below). If you import the file that PDF Reader doesn't support, the file won't be able to be opened. 

  1. PDF format: PDF
  2. Ebook format: epub
  3. Image format: png, jpg, jpeg, bmp
  4. Compressed format: zip
  5. Audio format: mp3
  6. Video format: mp4
  7. Other format: txt, html


  • The Files are Broken

If the file has already broken before you saved it to the PDF Reader app, the file can not be opened, either. If your PDF files are accidentally locked by passwords with no reason, please do not delete the file and send it to We’d be happy to assist you.



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