How to Take Notes Efficiently While Taking Online Classes

Online learning has become the norm for millions of students worldwide – COVID-19 has forced many schools to close temporarily and adopt online curriculums. Naturally, mobile apps will also become increasingly utilized as e-learning tools. NoteLedge by Kdan Mobile is one such app that proves to be incredibly useful in our age of e-learning.

Your New Digital Notebook

Taking notes with paper and pencil has always been a hassle. While taking online courses, the best option is to have a way for all your notes to be in one place. From math class to art class, NoteLedge is your perfect digital notebook to create stunning notes in! Add in multimedia from the web, such as relevant pictures or powerpoint slides. Use different fonts, colors, and pens to customize your note pages and create your own formats (here is the Cornell notetaking method in action!).


Easy Organization

During this time of online learning, organization can be tricky. Without handouts or study sheets from the teacher, students must be responsible of keeping track of all of the content for their courses, especially when class materials could be all over the place. Keep slides and notes together without having to print them out with NoteLedge’s web browser and media folder option. Easily assemble digital notes and keep class content together for easy studying in the future. This way, you won’t have the hassle of finding and going in between class slides and personal notes when reviewing for tests.


Customized Handwriting

Not only is NoteLedge great for taking notes, it can be incredibly useful for STEM students as well. Now you don’t need to worry about not being able to insert trigonometry graphs or chemistry equations into your existing digital notes. With handwriting features, students can write their own calculations out, without the waste of paper.


Not only do you have the infinite potential to create and take notes, you can easily export your pages or journals to hand in or share with classmates. NoteLedge also supports cloud-syncing to Kdan Cloud, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to download NoteLedge and take beautiful notes! 




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