How to Use NoteLedge as a Whiteboard in an Online Class or Meeting

In this golden age of online learning, resources such as Google Hangout, WebEx, Zoom, Skype, and other online video-calling options are key. However, these apps alone may not be the full toolset needed to run a successful online meeting or classroom. With the interactive whiteboard option, NoteLedge could be just the assistant you and your class or team need to visualize ideas and improve communication.

How to Use NoteLedge as a Whiteboard

Using the online video-conferencing app Zoom as an example, you can share your screen directly from your iPad, or open Zoom on your PC or Mac and share iPad screen.

If the video conferencing software desktop client does not support share iPad screen, alternatively you can open Quicktime >> Start Screen Recording >> Select the video source from your iPad after it’s connected to your PC or laptop. From Zoom, you can then share the Quicktime screen in your Zoom meeting.

You can use NoteLedge as a whiteboard. The versatile editing tools allow you to visualize ideas by drawing sketches or annotations, create mockups or wireframes, markup on photos, and interact with your class or team.

If you have an existing note or simply an idea that you would like to explain, use the slideshow mode. The laser pointer feature is helpful to use to better explain your ideas during an online presentation. Write or markup on the slides as you speak, just as you do when using a whiteboard. All markups can be cleared after the presentation and your original notes will be clean and intact.


Interested in improving your online meeting or class interactions? Download NoteLedge to try it out!

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