How to Make a Product Review Video


The purpose of any product review video is to help viewers make purchase decisions. It’s important to keep your video authentic and informative. 

You can start with the video outline template in Write-on Video. In addition, there are other tips to help you set up your review video.


  1. Show how you use the product in real-life scenarios

If you are reviewing a backpack, showing how you use the backpack in various outdoor activities will always be more convincing than just showing the backpack in an indoor setting. You can apply a transition effect to smoothen the transitions between different scenes. 


  1. Keep your video short

Make the video short and get down to the points - this will save your audience from a high volume of information. 


  1. List out key features and review them

Since your video should be short, it’s essential that you have a list of key features to go through. Zoom-in the details if needed. You can also use the animated captions in your video to emphasize the key features.


  1. Settings

Just like shooting other kinds of videos, settings are always important. Make sure you have the right lighting and record the sound. 


We hope that you find this information useful. Let us know if you create your review video with the Write-on Video app.

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