Coming up: the New Update of Animation Desk

Dream Big with Animation Desk and its latest and greatest interface! Check out all the fun new features that allow you to maximize your creativity in a fun and efficient way! Some of the new tools we want to introduce to you include rulers, the zoom-in and out feature, and the new timeline feature, all helping your animations be out of this world!

We are proud to unveil this new interface, but it was only made possible by all of your suggestions and feedback, so we would like to say thanks! 

Our new features are awesome! Now with rulers, you can draw perfect lines, circles, and squares to make your creations perfect and precise. In the new timeline feature, you can clearly view all frames instantly without jumping between different interfaces. By utilizing not only the zoom-in rate but now also the zoom-out rate, you can draw all over the frame without being blocked by any obstacles!



More news about the new update, beta test recruitment, and promotion discount will be available on our Facebook and the in-app push notification. You can 



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