Keep on Top of Your School Notes and Share Learning with Your Study Groups

When faced with group assignments during this period of online learning, students must learn to collaborate and organize to the best of their ability — all without the ease of face-to-face interaction. Markup by Kdan Mobile is the perfect tool to ease the pain that group projects can be — through easy-to-use annotations and the reading hub function.


Import Articles to Files or View Articles with Markup

When collaborating on projects with many resources, images, or documents, Markup has your back. After downloading, you can easily access Markup right in your browser. Yes, that means that while browsing the web on Safari or Chrome, you can save any website or resource to Markup, and download the article directly into the app! Additionally, you can also access the web through the built-in browser in the Markup and easily download any resources you may need. 


Gone are the days of documents full of links; students can say hello to Markup’s easy-to-use folders and website previews. Additionally, users may import files from Google Drive, Dropbox, or downloaded files to organize in Markup. 


Highlight and Note Down What Matters

When reading countless articles and resources, it’s easy to get lost in the content. Make sure you record and remember the most relevant information by using the highlight and annotation toolbar functions that Markup provides. You may customize the color, capacity, and thickness of the highlights, strikethroughs, underlines, and more to your liking. These tools not only provide you with a colorful and aesthetically-pleasing note-taking palette, they also easily lessen your workload by automatically compiling and showing you a preview next to each article in your folder or dashboard. 


Another useful tool is BOTA: Bookmark, Outline, Thumbnail, and Annotation. View your study progress anytime using this feature!



Share Articles with Your Study Group

To easily collaborate with other teammates, you can create teams by inviting others to a group. In these groups, you are able to create shared folders, add individual materials, and see all group activity. Everyone in the group can share the articles they’ve read with the team, making it easy to catch up with what others are researching.


Looking for the best markup tool to organize your study resources and sync up with your project team? Download Markup to try it out! 




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