How to Create an Unboxing Video?

The purpose of unboxing is to arouse viewers’ interest in your product, alluring them to become your potential purchaser. It’s important nowadays since the market is filled with numerous similar products entering the market every day, it’s hard for consumers to decide which one worth investing in. 

You can start with the video outline template in Write-on Video to get yourself an intriguing unboxing video. The following are additional tips for you to create an outstanding one by yourself. 


Choose the Unbox Niche & Best Timing to Share

Since the product market is quite competitive, so you’d better make sure you are staying in the know of trending topics to share with. This does not necessarily mean that you need to share the newly launched product that nobody has used before, it means that you should catch up with the trends in what do people care about at this time. Do more research on your target viewers to unbox things that they will spend time watching.


Make Your Video Fun

It is important to keep your viewers interest in finish watching your video. A key point to this is using decorations to give your video its personality. For example, adding stickers, transitions, and filters is an effective way to create a fun one. It’s also important to resize your objects to make them fit into the screen to ensure it’s easy for viewers to follow you.


Try Your Product with Friends

Invite your friends to join the unboxing journey would add more fun to the video. You can interview each other about the packaging (namely the box) and the review of using the product. 


Keep Your Video Short

Make the video short and get down to the points - this will save your audience from a high volume of information. 


We hope you find this information useful. Let us know if you create your unboxing video with the Write-on Video app.

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