How to Create a Tutorial Video?

The purpose of any tutorial video is to instruct viewers to learn a skill. It’s important to keep your video clear and informative. 

You can start with the video outline template in Write-on Video. The following are additional tips for you to create an outstanding one by yourself. 


Plan Everything in Advance

It is important to have a step-by-step instruction to make sure it is effective for learning. Keep in mind to breakdown your teaching into affordable sections by planning each scene and script before filming. You can user Pod in Write-on Video to plan your storyline.


Make Sure the Editing is Clear to Follow

You can apply some editing tricks to make your instruction clearer. For instance, it’s common that people add animated subtitles on the screen and change background color to emphasize the focus. It’s also recommended to apply slow motion to present the complicated steps.


Record Voice-Over & Add Captions

Adding voice-over is the most effective way to make your teaching clear to the audience. You can also turn on the auto-caption feature in the Write-on Video app to save your time dubbing your video. 



Just like shooting other kinds of videos, settings are always important. Make sure you have the right lighting and record the sound to make your voice and actions clear for the audience to follow. 


We hope that you find this information useful. Let us know if you create your tutorial video with the Write-on Video app.

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