How to Create a Tutorial Video: a Step-by-Step Guide

1. Choose the “Tutorial” video outline template.


2. Select your desired aspect ratio.


3. Guide yourself through each scene using the Pod’s description. There are six suggested scenes with the according storyline. The sample description gives you an overview of the key elements in a tutorial video. You can edit Pods’ descriptions anytime.

image13.png  image21.png  

4. Click the “Tap to edit the pod” icon to import materials such as videos and images from your device, Kdan Cloud, or Browse folder.

image36.png  image11.png

5. Add subtitles, change font and text color.
image24.png  image31.png

6. Click “Edit” to change a Pod's background color. Change the background color to make the video look more interesting.

image6.png image9.png image17.png

7. Adjust the speed of a video clip to two-times faster.

image6.png image10.png image1.png

 8. Record to add your voice-over.

image34.png  image3.png

9. Export your video.


10. Choose types of resolution and frame rate. 


11. Your video will be automatically saved in your Photos, and you can also share it to various social platforms to enjoy with your friends.


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