How to Add/Edit Audio Clips

Sometimes, audio is more effective than text to convey a message; that's what Markup's audio recording feature is for! Simply record and attach a sound anywhere on your file. Learn more below!


1. Tap "IMG_3243.jpg "  from the side menu bar on the right of the screen.

    Alternatively, press and hold anywhere on the document to see the pop-up menu. Click "Sound." (If using this method, skip step 2.)


2. You will see a pop up window; click the "Microphone" tab and "Record."


3. Click the place you would like to add your recording. A small microphone icon should show up, press "Add here." Allow Markup access to your device microphone to record.


4. After recording, click the "Done" button at the bottom.


5. If you would like to delete the recording, press the microphone icon and click "Delete."


6. To see all of the recordings in your document, go back to the recording pop-up window (reference step 1 to see instructions on how to get here), and click "Edit." You can easily delete your audios from this screen.


Enjoy this premium feature by subscribing to Markup Pro: learn more here!


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