How to Take Notes Using the Charting Method

Commonly used in comparisons, statistics, or data organization, the charting method for taking notes is highly effective and visually appealing. Apply when taking notes for a structured lecture or while reading.


Pros and Cons of Charting Method

Pros: Super neat, easy-to-comprehend notes. This method is very useful for organizing data. NoteLedge also offers a simple interface for taking this type of notes

Cons: If you would like to use the charting method during a lecture, you would need to prep your tables beforehand and make sure the content can be structured into a chart.


How to Take Notes with a Chart - Step-by-Step

  1. Start off by creating a new table. Click the chart icon on the bottom annotation bar and drag to create. 
  2. Begin by coming up with headers at the top of each column. For example, if your lecture or chapter is about different characteristics of countries, you might want to have “population,” “flag,” etc. as your headers.
  3. Start typing! The table will expand to fit your text.
  4. Feel free to add images and other drawings to spice up your notes!


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