How to Mind Map to Visualize Your Thoughts

A mind map is the best note taking method for getting ideas down quickly and in an organized manner. Essentially, you start with a central idea and branch out into subtopics and more details. The objective of a mind map is clearly visualize all of your ideas — always keep a mind map simple and easy to follow.


Pros and Cons of Mind Mapping

Pros: Mind maps can be a great way to visualize complex ideas or do some preliminary planning for a big project. It’s quick and efficient, and lays out all of your ideas in an organized way. NoteLedge also offers many different multimedia options to add to your mind map. 

Cons: It can be easy to over-complicate your mind map — remember to keep ideas short and concise.


How to Mind Map - Step-by-Step

  1. Start off with a blank page. Write or type your big idea or topic in the middle.
  2. Think of some subtopics that could branch off of the big topic. Use lines to connect the text. With NoteLedge, you can move text or handwriting freely on the canvas and draw lines to connect your ideas.
  3. As you think of more ideas, jot them down where they’re relevant. You may end up with a large web of ideas — that’s normal! 
  4. Add pictures or multimedia where you would like.


Have ideas you want to put into a mind map? Download NoteLedge and try it today! 

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